Ready, set, go!

I finally did it. I started a blog

I received my BFA in Fiber and Material Studies from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2006 and followed it with a MA in Art education from Case Western Reserve University in 2008. Since then I have moved back to my hometown, taught my first year of Art and recently started taking my Etsy store seriously.

One of my main goals for this blog is to document my creative process and experiences outside of my day job. I will be sharing my current projects, creating tutorials, offering business tips (as I learn them), and promoting local handmade artisans. There are plenty of wonderful things all around us (ideas, community and ready materials), so let’s use them.

Being a public school teacher, especially of Art, is a catch-22. Personally, I hate censorship, of any kind. I would also hate not having a job. And honestly I would really miss my students were I to lose my job over a blog. Difficult ones included.

Therefore I do have some guidelines on here:
  1. I will be reviewing all comments before they are posted
  2. My language will be clean and
  3. School and student details are off limits.
Everything else is ours!

Join me in search of wonderful things. A Monday is always a good day to start…

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