The Rochester NY Etsy Street Team!

Happy Monday! Tonight we held the second meeting of the Rochester New York Etsy Street Team, RNEST for short. I like to think of this as "our nest" of craft community resources. The street team, even in its infancy, has been a HUGE motivator and support system. Over drinks at Spot Coffee we share tales of woe and success, exchange promotional ideas, and gather contacts for local shops and markets. Plus we get to enjoy like minded company!

RNEST Team: (left to right) Lauren's Lovelies, The Quilted House, Jackbear Stamps, Just Ice Jewelry and (me) Buenahelena.

Below are a few gems of advice from RNEST to other Etsians:
  1. Create a Stumble account. Stumble yourself. Stumble your fellow street teamers. Stumble other wonderful things for ideas. Other stumblers with similar tags will then stumble upon you and your teammates. Be careful. This one's addictive.
  2. Have a business card swap. Exchange several copies of your business cards with each other. When any teammate makes a sale they will send their teammates cards along with the purchase. This creates more exposure for everyone.
  3. Heart the shop of each teammate and one item from their each of their shops.
  4. Use Heartomatic to easily view your shop and single item hearts and views.Use it to view your competitors as well and see who is following them.
  5. Use Paypal to print out your mailing labels. You can enter the weight of your item and the address of your buyer to print out a label. Delivery confirmation through PayPal is also a mere $.19 as opposed to about $.50 at the Post Office.
  6. Do giveaways with your team. Blogs like etsy giveaways feature team and individual giveaways on a regular basis. The RNEST blog will be featuring a 5 for 5 weeks giveaway next month.
I will continue to share tips on my blog as we meet, grow and inevitably, because we're awesome, prosper. Share some comments with your Etsy/Team tips as well.

My budding collection of RNEST business cards.

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