Reflections on Failure

It's a sad Monday friends and crafters, as my first market of the holiday season went bust on Saturday. I sold a whopping total of 4 ITEMS. The day began with an exceptionally welcoming sunrise as my family and I put up our tent and tables. I had recently found a Hostess Cupcake stand, like the kind you find in a convenience store, on the side of the road, and got some very friendly neighbors with a truck to drop it off at my house. It was a fun display and went along perfectly with my love of repurposing items, especially kitschy ones. I met a fellow RNESTer there in person, BeadworkbyAmanda and her Etsian friend PeachesProducts. All looked good....and then I left.

I had prior obligations to a Walkathon in Dunkirk, New York, to save my favorite summer camp, of which I am a devoted counselor. I entrusted Mom and Gramps to watch the items I sold along with them in our shared tent. Yet somehow, by the time I returned, the hundreds of dollars I'd dreamed of, and the empty Hostess Cupcake stand I envisioned, never came to be.

Possible Reasons Why:
  1. The 10 Art/Craft tents outside were competing with a huge garage sale inside the Church hosting the market. People wanted their deals, not the markedly more expensive handmade items outside.
  2. My tent may have been too eclectic. My items are eclectic as it is, but combined with my mother's quilts and my grandpa's wood work, buyers may have experienced a sort of brain overload.
  3. I wasn't present to sell the story of Buenahelena, to compliment each woman who tried on jewelry, or offer deals. God only knows the conversations my mother had with each person who walked through.
  4. Maybe this wasn't the right audience for my work, or maybe, and I don't really believe this, my stuff stinks....
On the plus side, several people took my card. Many people who knew my family got excited with my use of old objects and have offered their old china, cocktail napkins and buttons to me. And even if the market was a bust, my true focus of the day was a huge success, raising nearly $25,000 to keep my camp running. Lessons have been learned. Onto the next market!


  1. Hey, nothing is a failure if you've learned from it!! And four sales are four more than you'd have if you hadn't shown up at all, right??!! You made contacts, gave out your card, and got your name out there - that alone is worth A LOT!!

  2. your stuff does not suck. my 1st event i only sold 2 items, my stuff kept blowing down, it was a nightmare. this one was much better. you win some and you lose some. but in the end, it's all good. your camp won't be closing, right? then something good came of the day. and you'll live to craft another day *smile*