Extreme Makeover: Dollhouse Edition

Happy long-weekend Monday everyone. Forget celebrating the the guy who failed to find India and jump started the tragic demise of Native America instead. This month is all about my favorite holiday, Halloween!

This past Friday my Etsy work was featured on a wonderful blog, Shop ByHand, in the post Have a Handmade Halloween. My cloth Ouija board was a proud member of this post and has brought me some good publicity and sales on Etsy. A sale a week for the past three weeks! Working hard on my site and networking with a street team has made a world of difference. Go RNEST!

So, to celebrate this great time of year I want to post photos of something I have been working on for a very long time. I received this dollhouse from my grandfather when I was 8 years old. Even at a young age I was fascinated by the paranormal, decorating this house with Kleenex ghosts and decapitated Barbies. This past year I decided t0 take it all the way by repainting the entire house and redecorating all of the rooms. With a little Photoshop fun, I share it with you, blogosphere friends. It is quickly becoming a great holiday centerpiece, and will be a tradition to add to year after year.


  1. Twisted! That's awesome - I really love the toilet - acid green! NICE!

  2. Pretty sweet and spooky doll houses!