Artist Trading Cards

Looking for a way to make and collect artwork with a tight schedule and wallet? Consider ATC's or artist trading cards. These miniature works of art are the hot trend right now in the Art-world and Etsy-ville. They are also referred to as ACEO's or artist cards, originals and editions.

My Pin-ups With Pit Hair series 2009

ATC's and ACEO's can be made from any material in any style as long as they fit the size restriction of 2.5" x 3.5". In the case of trading cards, they are meant specifically for that and are considered non-sale items. I have seen shops on Etsy selling editions and original artist cards though. Personally, I plan on accepting a small dollar amount for them in my shop with the option of paying with a card trade instead.

PWPH series continued 2009

Some RNESTers are making these great little objects including JackBear Stamps. Below is my first stab at it. I chose to reflect my fiber background by printing on silk and piecing my card together and my feminist sensibilities by choosing an anti-shaving theme. So fun, so fast, so lucrative! Check out the ACEO Etsy Street Team for some collaboration and ideas!

The high school Art Club I run is trading ATC's we made at our meetings with two other area schools as well. It's a quick after school project and a way to connect and collaborate with other districts. To get your students more involved with ATC's or ACEO's there is also a competition running through School Arts Magazine here. The deadline is December 1st 2009!

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  1. Oops! I wanted to edit my last comment, but had to erase it. Now it looks like I removed a naughty comment from myself. Oh well. I wanted to say that we held our ATC trade this week and it was AWESOME!!! Love the talent our area students have.