Me: A New WAFAC Teacher

Happy, hopefully productive, Monday! The turkey coma is lifting and it is time to get down to business. This winter I will be teaching two courses at the Weaving and Fiber Arts Center at Village Gate in Rochester, NY and I am preparing, preparing, preparing. Tomorrow I will be leading a mini-workshop for Rochester City School District Art teachers on oxidation printing. (Check out my post about that here.) This workshop is part of an effort to integrate fiber arts into a Visual Arts program, an idea that I am enamored with as a Fiber artist and art teacher.

Although this course is full check out the other great course selections through WAFAC from weaving to needlework. We have talented instructors and fresh ideas. Our last guest fiber artist/lecturer, Joan Michaels Paque, described us as one of the most enthusiastic, organized and prolific guilds she has visited in her international teaching and lecture tours.

Here are my winter courses:

Oxidation Printing on Silk
Iron oxide, commonly known as rust, has long been known for its beautiful range of rich colors, chemical stability, and light-fastness. In this environmentally-friendly class we will use wonderful rusty objects to create stunning surface designs on silk. Colors achieved from rust printing range from pale oranges to deep purples. Green and blue prints can be made with old coins, and all these colors are permanent! Bring rusty or oxidized items from home if you have them. We will print directly onto fabric, wrap fabric around oxidized elements for shibori effects, and develop mirror images. For a final project treat the surface of a silk blouse, scarf, or skein for use in a future woven or knitted project. Age: 12 and up. Materials fee: $5 for everything required including silk yardage for sampling and silk scarf blanks.

Instructor Carol Traynor

3 Sundays, 1/24-2/7
1:00 - 3:30

Delicious Soft Sculpture: Desserts

Use simple pattern-making techniques to create a dazzling display of delectable desserts! Experiment with fabrics (from your stash and the instructor's) and embellishments to create one of a kind, decorative food sculptures for holidays and parties. For inspiration we will look back on the work of Pop artist Claes Oldenburg and his soft sculptures of hamburgers, cakes and sandwiches. You will learn pattern-making for three-dimensional objects, basic hand sewing, and how to support your soft objects. Basic sewing skills are helpful but not necessary. Sewing machines are optional and available at the Center, or bring your own. You may want to bring 
a snack because this will make you hungry! Age: 15 and up. Materials Fee: $6 for all supplies; feel free to bring fabric from your stash.

Instructor Carol Traynor

5 Saturdays, 2/27-3/27
1:00 - 3:30

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  1. Oh how exciting!! They both sound like a lot of fun! Congrats!!