Trades and Giveaways

This week is all about sharing your creative love. RNEST's Mother of All Giveaways features Giveaway #5 this week with an item from myself, Buenahelena. I am giving away my Peacock Lace Earrings to the lucky individual who follows any of these seven steps to enter and win, FOR FREE. Be sure to enter this week for my item, next week for a gift from Lauren's Lovelies and the following and final week for a gift basket of goodies from all of the featured RNESTers!(*NOTE: You must enter on the RNEST blog not mine!)

Two months ago I joined in on a scarf trade with my Cleveland Institute of Art alumni. December first is our deadline to send out scarves, but to my happy surprise I got my scarf early. Jordan Perme, of Horrible Adorables on Etsy made me this wonderfully kooky, quilted scarf inspired by deer antlers. Jordan was a first year Fiber major, when I was the Teaching Assistant at CIA and sold me some awesome Siamese Twin silkscreen yardage prints, so I was very excited when I got her in the swap. Check it out below.

Keep the giving going! Do something nice for someone today. Give something away, be it your talent or your time. It'll keep you young.

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