How To: Make Beer Coaster Ornaments

As the holidays come around I sometimes find myself driven to drink. Why? To celebrate. To gripe. To commune. To escape. Capture all those merry bar visits by making your very own beer coaster ornament!

Here's How:

1. Swipe some amazing coasters next time you're at the bar OR search them out on Etsy from great shops like SalvageSuppliesPlus. I got my collection from a combination of both.

2. Punch a hole into the upper center portion of the coaster.

3. Gather glitter, rhinestones, ribbons, trims, metallic pens etc...to jazz up those coasters.

4. Add a ribbon through the hole and you've got an ornament!

I had the most fun researching the breweries and brands as I began posting these in my Etsy shop. For example, did you know Stella Artois was born on Christmas? Awesome!

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  1. coasters "Abbot Ale": http://beermat.webnode.com/products/greene-king-brewing-company/