Forcasting 2010 Trends

Etsy artists, crafters and designers are lucky to have a venue where original, handmade items can be shared with the world. At the same time we have the desire to sell what we share. Just like the big box stores we try to avoid, we do have to pay attention to our audience. This post aims to highlight some trends you may want to blend into your shop staples to attract customers.

Each month administrators from Etsy search for particular colors and motifs to feature on their front page and gift guides. Many times they are based on birthstone colors, seasonal events and fashion forecasts.

Keep track of trends in these places:
  1. Pantone, the leader in color for, well everything, has named Turquoise the official color of 2010. You can also forecast colors by month on their Colorstrology site.
  2. Join the Etsy forum discussing animal theme trends for 2010. We can decide what the trends will be together!
  3. Check out what current designers predict for web/product design on Little Box of Ideas when deciding how to revamp your Etsy Store and blogs.
I used some of these ideas to create my new banner for my shop. Below I have the evolution of my shop from 2009 to the 09' Holiday season to 2010.

I am going with Pantone for my color scheme. The text, from Dafont.com, is inspired by my current interest in zines and collage work. Finally, the background image (good blog followers will recognize from my ATC post) reflects the retro/vintage feel of my wares, a trend that continues on in 2010. I have also been cleaning up the wordage, leaving just the name and the rest for the headline space below the banner.

Share your predictions, thoughts, makeovers....

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