Winterfest: A Review

The R-Nest WinterFest Door Prize Winner!!!

Oh the Monday mopes, I am sick! Despite my Dayquil haze and failing vocal chords I, along several amazing ROC Etsy street team members, enjoyed our first (and not last!) successful public sale. The R-Nest WinterFest was our first large scale team effort. We gathered at our meetings to plan, sent tons of emails back and forth, bombed the town with signs that we staple-gunned in mall parking lots, and traversed murky insurance issues. All in all it went well, but now we must come together to see how to improve.

Some suggestions:
  1. Start later in the day or on a Saturday.
  2. Don't put up signs before snow storms. And advertise even more!
  3. Check out wifi capability and fees of the venue (we were credit card ready, with our own shopping site until...da-da-da...the $150 dollar fee.)
  4. Check ATM's. We had one, but it was busted. Lame.
  5. A larger location, like a church or school to pull more people and vendors.
Leave me more suggestions and I will add them to this post.

Things that rocked were:
  1. Our raffle table and humoungoid door prize. I saw a lot of action there.
  2. Networking with other ROC Etsy vendors.
  3. Inspiration from vendors displays, packaging and products.
  4. Sweet trades and word of mouth sales, by modeling what other vendors were selling.
  5. Super supportive, friends, neighbors, colleagues and family who love to buy our stuff.
  6. WIDE variety of vendors within our group.
Leave me things you loved and I will also post them.

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