I Love You, Ms. Liza Lou

Happy Monday, happy February! This month is great (if you can ignore the icy hands-of-death temperatures). Within 28 short days this year we get Groundhog's day, Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, and more importantly my birthday. So in that spirit, today I want to write a little Valentine note to one of my favorite artists, Liza Lou....

Liza Lou (detail, Kitchen) 1996

Dearest Liza,

Ever since I first saw your beaded Kitchen, back in Art School, I have been in love with you. Like Hoggle in the Labyrinth I was unselfconsciously drawn to the glittering surfaces of your installations and sculptures. Oh to be on your bead team, stringing miles of green beads or encrusting cans of Bud...

Liza Lou (detail, Picnic) 1999

...You enchant me! Until this summer, I was only able to pine from afar in slides, online or in slick art journals, but on a recent visit to the Cleveland Museum of Art I found it. A beautiful new acquisition in the contemporary exhibit caught my eye, which subsequently shed a bedazzled tear...

...I tried to reach you by Ouija board in 2006. Yes I know you're not dead, but beading a Oiuja board felt much more romantic than beading a cell phone. So until I do reach you, Liza, will you be my Valentine?

Carol Traynor, Channeling Liza Lou 2006
(zoom to see tons of beads by clicking on the board)

XOXO, Carol

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