Join the 27 Club...but not really

Can you find me?

Happy Monday to you. Birthday to me and my pal George Washington. (I was almost named Georgette, luckily my parents saw some light and named me after Carole King!) Today I turn 27, the auspicious age when legendary people die. Kurt Cobain, Robert Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jonathan Brandis, the Elephant man, Jean-Michel Basquiat. All dead at 27. When Kurt Cobain passed away I was in 6th grade and he seemed soooo old. Now I think, wow he completely shifted our generation by the time he was my age! Time to step it up without drugs or flannel or well, dying.

Recently I took up an Etsy challenge with fellow Rochester Street Team folks to post an item a day. Seeing that Etsy is not my day job this is tough, but it is something so important to staying on the Etsy radar. You can join the challenge too with Just Ice Jewelry on her blog. So here's a pile of what I'm moving forward with:

I have run out of vintage buttons for the time being for my jewelry, but have tons of vintage textiles. So I have begun making my own buttons. I will be making a series of rings and earrings featuring scraps of vintage handkerchiefs, napkins and tablecloths. I am also pushing forward with my artist trading cards. I want to continue my hairy-pits-on-pin-ups theme, but I have switched from printing on silk to cotton. With all of the ironing and glitter glue involved the silk just can't take it as well as good old cotton. It's the fabric of our lives you know (Someone out there is laughing besides me right?). I am also looking into cutting down some antique thread spools to create pendants, rings and earrings. Bandsaw here I come!

Coming up soon I will also be showing and selling my upcycled Etsy goods at the Xpolse openhouse on March 6th from 1:00- 3:00 pm to support my friend Jennifer at 1000 Turk Hill Rd. in Fairport, NY. She just opened Rochester's first Pole Dance Fitness studio, Xpolse this January and is kindly letting be part of her open house. I will be making some flirty/sexy jewelry just for that occasion. You will not find them in my Etsy shop and they will be exclusive to her studio!

Stop by. Give some love. And get to work, whether you're 27 or not. Cheers!

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  1. Happy, happy birthday! I'm glad you've joined the IOTD club instead of the 27 club!