On The Record!

If there is one thing I love as much as making art it's enjoying music. I'm addicted to playlist.com. I obsessively follow and collect my favorite musical artists. In the past two years I have also begun to avidly collect vinyl. Friends and family have contributed (err...dumped) their own collections on me and I am left with some beautiful vinyl...that you couldn't pay me to listen to. So I've gotta do something with it!

In my high school art club I am having students turn my un-listenables into fabulous time pieces, by painting, collaging and adding motorized clockworks to them. Here's one I made from a vintage picture disc:

Others on Etsy have found some ingenious ways to use old vinyl that I may have to try out myself at home:

Recycled Record Coasters and Bowl
from Innoudid's Attic

Record Album Catch All Tray from Vindicated Vinyl by Brinda Kay Design

Vinyl Record Bookends by Nerd Nest

And speaking of Vinyl...check out the definitive blog on album cover art called Sleevage. Love it!


  1. Hello there - really liked your posting about recycling vinyl LPs into works of art and other handy items. I own a gallery that specializes in the fine art and photography used in the promotion and packaging of rock & pop music (RockPoP Gallery - Portland, OR) and have spent the past 10 years talking with music fans about the joys of good album cover art.
    As an FYI - I've been writing a series of articles based on interviews I do with the talented people who've created many of your favorite album covers - you'll find links to them on my gallery site.
    Anyway, always happy to meet another fan of music-related design - keep up the good work!
    Cheers - Mike G - RockPoP Gallery

  2. Awesome site and gallery Mike! I am checking it out right now.