A Good Old Fashioned Letter

April is National Card and Letter Writing month. How often do you get deliciously personal mail outside of the obligatory Christmas card or wedding invitation? This month I encourage you to write a good, old fashioned, handwritten letter. Reach out to an old friend or your favorite crazy aunt. Try my idea or support the Etsians below from my street team who make letter related items:

Make a mini art gallery on your envelopes with stamps. Few people realize that their unused stamps don't expire. You can continue using your old stamps, like coins. Add them in a cluster until you get the shipping amount you need.

Add this great tag to an envelope from Jackbear Stamps

Get your own letter writing station from Up Up Creative

Or send a quick (and soft!)postcard hello from The Quilted House

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  1. Carol, thanks so much for featuring my Hi card! You're the best! I LOVE that this is national letter writing month - it's one of my favorite things to do and I'm glad it has it's own month! Had no clue!