Antique Jackpot

This is my time of year. Flea markets, garage and estate sales, antique expos and street fairs are sprouting all over, satisfying two of my deepest desires: vintage knick knacks and carnival food. Yesterday I embarked on a search for new supplies to upcycle in my Etsy shop.

First I took a scenic drive to the East Avon Flea Market with some friends. This is a fantastic venue, full of treasures hawked from the back of peoples vans. You'll get a mix of genuine antiques, useless junk and designer knock off bags sold by folks who may or may not be legal immigrants. However I made the mistake of getting there too late. At 2:30 pm many were packing up. Next Sunday I will know to be an early riser. Check out this child's desk we saw that looks a little like a Ouija board...

I was not about to go home empty handed, so we decided to check out Nancy's Barn Antiques. I have passed this gargantuan barn of awesome many times, but never got out of the car. Boy am I glad we did. With rooms full of china and toys and clothes, furniture, books and bottles, NB is a place I could spend days in.

Nancy, the woman, was also very friendly and helpful, allowing my friends and I to oogle late into the afternoon. I found new buttons for my upcycled earrings and rings and a neat little decorative ash tray. I highly recommend NB. It is full of nooks and crannies and she was adding MORE from boxes the whole time.

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