The Early Bird Gets The Deals

After my poor timing last week, I returned to the East Avon Flea Market in it's full glory at 8:30 am on Sunday. The 10 or so shops I encountered shutting down last week, blossomed into nearly 50, bustling with curious shoppers. License plates from as far as Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Ontario, Canada were spotted in the parking lots, which spread onto the Vintage Drive-In Theater grounds.

I found some treasures for future projects: tea cups for my candles and lamps, vintage hankies for textile projects and colorfully illustrated matchbooks for matchbook notepads (tutorial coming next week). Oh, and the last Go-Go's record I needed to fill out my collection on vinyl. Total money spent: $15.

If you decide to go to this flea market, brush up on your bargaining skills. I am not a particularly aggressive person, but the tattoo I have of deer antlers on my chest goes a long way with the male vendors in this rural part of town. That aside, you have to be confident enough to respectfully talk a vendor down or walk away. Wait a few steps and you'll suddenly be chased by lower offers. Here is an awesome guide from Design Sponge on getting the best from flea markets. There is also the chance that you might meet certain buddies vending there (errr...Kim and Josh of Green Bus Adventures) who cut you a freebie from their booth. Thanks guys! And thank you Avon Flea Market.

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  1. Carol is was great seeing you at the Flea Market! Thanks for the link post, too! We need to hang out some time!