Sweet Mojo

This past week I have had a well deserved lucky streak. The day before this last market I received the news that my art teaching position would be cut for the coming school year due to deep budget cuts. And unfortunately I am not alone. The best anyone can do is put good energy out there and be proactive. In return the craft gods have bestowed their good (if not temporary) mojo on me.

Becky Johnson, the brain behind the Sweetie Pie Press, featured some of my work on her blog this week. She traded several of her excellent pins for my yeti ring after meeting at the Mayday Underground Market. I feel honored to be recognized by this established Canadian crafter as she travels across the country on a market hop. Is it any coincidence that I also made my first Etsy sale to Canada soon afterward?

In fact I had 3 sales this week, and a big one just before the Mayday show. These buyers have been particularly wonderful, sharing feedback and what they plan to do with the goods from my shop. Keep it up Universe!

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  1. Oh boy, this all sounds very exciting! I am psyched on your behalf.