Buenahelena and TED's Excellent Adventure

There are days when I can't find any motivation, but TED never fails to inspire me to do more and be more. TED is a non-profit group that hosts talks from the greatest minds in the world on technology, entertainment and design. The TED website offers videos of every talk FOR FREE, a great brain boost in under 20 minutes.

I just watched a recent talk by David Byrne (of Talking Heads) about architecture's effect on music development. Like any of these talks, the core concepts can apply to any form of creation. In this talk he asks whether or not we create with a context already in mind. Here he's talking about musical creation, but this completely fits with art. What do I create for galleries versus what I create for Etsy versus what I create to teach my students? A good thing to ponder as a long summer waits...
David Byrne: How architecture helped music evolve | Video on TED.com

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