Giveaways and Sales

It's the end of the school year. My students are in panic mode, I'm grading, selling goods at the Bird House this weekend, and doing a giveaway. Am I crazy? Yes. Isn't that life when you are living it though?

Recently, I was contacted by Cricket of Cricket's Daily Fix about having a review and giveaway on her site. She runs a great blog that reviews upcycled, recycled and generally earth friendly products for home and family. It's sort of a consumer reports for green goods. I really dig what Cricket is about so I sent her samples and she posted the review and giveaway just last week. Want to enter? Visit this post in the giveaways section. The deadline for entries is June 19th, and then I will send the lucky winner a pair of espresso cup soy candles.

Also upcoming: This Saturday, June 12th, I will be selling my origami crane earrings at the Bird House on Monroe Avenue for their Home Bazaar open house. My long time friend Liz manages the store which sells great products for bird owners, watchers and lovers, and she thought why not try some bird jewelry. I am also sneaking in some matchbook notepads featuring birds. Stop in for a visit!

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