Glitter and Sequins

Last night, after the 4th of July BBQ and beer, my girlfriends and I headed downstairs to watch movies in the basement while the boys played cards upstairs. My friend who runs a pole dance fitness studio and I chose a little flick called A Wink and a Smile on the Netflix queue. It ended up being a great documentary on the burlesque scene in Seattle, WA. My other friend, who let us commandeer her large screen, squirmishly wondered why on Earth we were so fascinated by it. For my pole instructor friend it was obvious, for me though it was all about the flashy aesthetic. I feel that glitter, sequins and feathers are fine art materials of the highest order. The world would simply be a better place if it was bedazzled.

Here is some collected inspiration of mine:

Dolly Parton

The Art of Liza Lou

Muse Shoes by the Krewe of Muses (New Orleans Mardi Gras Parade crew)

Burlesque Costume (the Swedish Housewife featured in photo)

Haitian Drapo or Vodou Flags

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