Gifts from the Vintage Gods

I am dead in the middle of moving. Into a new apartment and into a new classroom in a new school district. It's exciting, scary and stressful, but every now and again something awesome happens to make it all worthwhile. The teacher before me taught for over 35 years in this particular classroom and literally threw nothing out. She also left everything she had accumulated over the years behind. Over the next three weeks it is my job to bring this room back to order and choose what to keep or chuck. At the same time I feel like I am learning about this woman, like an archeologist studies buried cities. Here are this weeks finds:

Stacks of Cigar Afficianado magazine, including this Tom Selleck edition. Hottie's going in a frame for my mom.

This Native Funk & Flash DIY clothing how-to. Love the butt shot on the cover! Although there's nothing native about this that I can see, it is definitely full of funk and flash.

A Kodak Instamatic 100 film camera in the original box from the 1960's. I'm going to have to ebay the film for it.

BOXES of buttons!My personal favorite is the button with the uncomfortable prune that says 'start a movement. eat a prune'. She also left the button maker, hundreds of unused buttons and a catalog of ready to use button pictures from 1984.

Stacks of ads and illustrations from magazines for use in collages, from the early 1900's on. The black and white undergarment ads are especially nice.

I can't to see what else I dig up!

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