Well, look what the paper boy threw on my porch....

What's important about the cover of this past week's Lamron, student paper of Geneseo? Is it that garbage plates are now available at the newly opened University Hots? Is it that the sweet abandoned Riviera theater is for sale? No...it's Buenahelena's booth printed as the photo teaser for the Art Stroll review!

Another close-up of my Madonna/Thou Shalt Vogue piece and beaded Ouija board used for the article photo on page 11. Thanks to writer Maggie Morris-Knower for giving me a quick shout out and an explanation of upcycling. Spread the word!

She writes, "There were also several newcomers to the Art Stroll this year. Carol Traynor, an art teacher in Dansville, brought an environmental twist to the event with "upcycled" art that included earrings made from vintage buttons and decorative wall art made from matchsticks and spools of thread. According to Traynor, upcycling is an increasingly popular art form that takes old objects and gives them new life by turning them into something totally different."

I would add, not just something different, but something better. Make waste into awesome! Thanks for the love SUNY Geneseo :)

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