Buenahelena's Manifesto

I have joined Etsy's Holiday Boot Camp. Step one was to create a mission statement. Why not think bigger? Why not make...a manifesto. I urged my fellow street team members to do it last week and promised my own. Without further ado:

Buenahelena's Manifesto

  • I believe art supply stores are dens of snobbery ! Reuse and remix found objects whenever possible!
  • I believe in the sacred hunt for vintage goods, traveling to far distant flea markets, perusing amongst hipsters at Good Will, and rummaging through dead people's crap at estate sales!
  • I believe it is my duty as a creative being to find new uses for these forgotten treasures.
  • I believe in using every part! Leave no scrap behind in the pursuit of object making!
  • I believe all packaging for sold items on Etsy should be reused, if at all possible,as well! Shiny new bubble mailers for shame!
  • I believe in a small free gift for every customer from my stash of extra random tschotskes from my hunts.
  • And most of all, I believe in the inalienable right to make something that was already pretty awesome before, even awesomer!

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