Tell an Upcycled Tale

As a seller on Etsy I have five photo opportunities for each item I make or sell vintage. I try to get the different vantage points, maybe model an item and get a crisp closeup, but I have a new plan. One of the most enjoyable things about running Buenahelena is seaching for items to upcycle. I love making, but I really, really love hunting. This weekend I went to an estate sale looking for materials and thought, "I wish my buyers could see me rummaging through theses boxes and stuffed guest rooms looking for jackpot." This has become my plan for that fifth photo on Etsy. I am going to take a "Before" image of the item before deconstruction. When the camera is handy I may also capture that moment of "Found it!" Wouldn't it be great to peek at the life your new item had before?

Here's a children's xylophone from the etsate sale, made into a pendant necklace:

Also, a stack of vintage magazines (boy did this lady save things!), made into button magnets:

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  1. This is a great idea. I hate when some people only use two or three of their 5 photos, or even worse, one! It really does tell a story.