Buenahelena's 15 Minutes

Last night was very...surreal. I woke up on Sunday morning in a super lazy mood, grabbed some tea and started traversing the interwebs. To my surprise, I received an Etsy convo from a FOX/8 Rochester reporter who was interested in talking to me about my local Cyber Monday deals....on TV. Well, lazy morning girl turned into apartment cleaning machine and in a few hours I had Caroline Tucker and a camera man filming my tiny studio/living space, talking about Etsy, upcycling and the importance of buying local.

Watch the interview here.

Thank you Caroline for finding my shop and giving me the opportunity for an interview! So far I have made 6 sales over this Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, 2 that can be directly credited to the newscast. And there is still some time left!

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  1. Great job! I'm a little late, but congrats, that was a good interview!!!