The Dark Side of Public Art

When I moved back to Rochester in 2008 I wanted to somehow align myself with the local Art community. A small public project in the South Wedge presented itself, next to one of my favorite bars, Lux, painting tables in a community garden. I figured I could paint in the summer sun, meet some other local artists and get free food and drink for a few days. Two of those things were true, but most days I was the only artist working. Did the other guys have special night vision, who knows? However everything was finished the next time I visited the South Wedge.


Every once in awhile I checked in on the table, usually at night, usually after imbibing at Lux. It always looked pretty good... in the dark. Last Friday I decided to document the table for this blog. I thought maybe it would have some carving, a little grafitti, possibly a bum sleeping under it, but overall still be in good shape. Alas! My dear deer table succumbed to the elements. She is peeling like a bad sunburn and in need of a washing. No amount of shellac could withstand the snow, rain, and wind of Rochester.

2010 with very sad artist (me) Carol Traynor

The moral of this story is that Art is temporal. It's even more temporal when you leave it outside in Upstate NY and neglect it for two years. Hopefully this summer I can contact the group in charge of the project and shine my poor baby back up. Until then I repeat the mantra...this gives it character, this gives it character, this give it character.


A One Week Haitus

Once, many years ago, I had a roommate who went nutso. She stuck a Post-it note threat on the bathroom mirror after an argument one night that said something like "...if you ever blah-blah-something-something again I will go haitus on your (naughty word for tush)". Apparently she misunderstood the meaning of haitus, which is simply a synonym for a break, a respite, or a needed sabbatical. Not very threatening after all.

That is what I am doing this week. Going HAITUS on all your...tushes. So if you're dying to read something to keep you going, check out my last two blog posts on creativity and inspiration for the Rochester NY Etsy Street Team, here and here.


More Letter Writing ...

Let's continue the letter writing theme, on this fine Monday in April, official National Letter Writing Month. Letters are so good at genuinely connecting people and I have made at least two connections today:

Every now and then I check my analytics to see who's checking out my sites and I found this awesome gal in Australia who is herself, mail obsessed. Bianca, writer of the blog Goodnight Little Spoon, has quite the collection of mail art for all to enjoy. So this is a shout to her, check out her new, mail themed Etsy shop, Mushab00m Bazaar here. I so want to exchange a letter with her!

One of Bianca's awesome, outgoing letters to Tulsa OK

Bianca's blog lead me to another amazing site called, To Mr. Cheng. Apparently Mr. Cheng receives a crap ton of strange mailed objects, from mannequin heads to remote controls. Before you try to pull that in the states though, remember this is from Europe. I can only imagine what my postman would say if a tried to mail a slice of Kraft Singles cheese to Texas.

Some of Mr. Cheng's goodies

Catching the wave of this lesser known holiday has also brought sales to my store. Three out of the five specifically themed items I have posted in shop have sold! I give credit to very supportive magazines like Country Living who promote items by Etsy sellers and suggest searching Etsy when crafting trends like these pop up. What a huge audience boost!

The last item I sold from the NCLWM promotion as of today

So, join in the excitement of these fun trends. Make connections!


A Good Old Fashioned Letter

April is National Card and Letter Writing month. How often do you get deliciously personal mail outside of the obligatory Christmas card or wedding invitation? This month I encourage you to write a good, old fashioned, handwritten letter. Reach out to an old friend or your favorite crazy aunt. Try my idea or support the Etsians below from my street team who make letter related items:

Make a mini art gallery on your envelopes with stamps. Few people realize that their unused stamps don't expire. You can continue using your old stamps, like coins. Add them in a cluster until you get the shipping amount you need.

Add this great tag to an envelope from Jackbear Stamps

Get your own letter writing station from Up Up Creative

Or send a quick (and soft!)postcard hello from The Quilted House