Cleveland Rocks!

After seven wild years there, I will always have a soft spot for the Big Plum. With the recent devastating losses of Harvey Pekar and Lebron James in mind, I took some Cleveland virgins to the Mistake on the Lake this weekend. Along the way I got some fun things for future crafting:

  • More Peace Guns will be back in stock with a new supply of pins from Big Fun in Coventry. The mug is for my classroom, because guess what? The day before I left for Cleveland I was hired to a new art teaching position!
  • Unique Thrift on Lorain Ave looks and smells shady, but I ALWAYS find hugely discounted treasures there, like these vintage scarves.

Top 10 places creative types must visit in Cleveland:
  1. Big Fun Toy Store
  2. Melt Bar and Grilled
  3. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  4. The view from Garfield's tomb at Lakeview Cemetery
  5. The West Side Market
  6. Unique Thrift Store (Ohio City Location)
  7. Cav du Vin
  8. The Cleveland Cinematheque
  9. The Cleveland Museum of Art
  10. The bridges connecting the west side and downtown
Aiming my Red Ryder BB gun at the Christmas Story house and museum in Tremont, OH


Boulderfest Review

The view from my tent, day and night :)

It has been a whirlwind. Three days of Boulderfest and two teaching interviews today. I think it's time for a beer and a review...

My booth after I ditched my cheapo tent for the EZ-up and new match paintings from the innards of my matchbook notepads and the wooden spools I collected a few months back.

The Pro's of Boulderfest:
  1. Great music! A lot of reggae from the likes of John Brown's Body and Buddhahood , indie rock and blues. My personal favorite was Benjamin Jameson Morey and the Wallpaper Singers who performed upbeat danceable songs all about death and fear in its various forms.
  2. Hosted by a sweet coffee shop that also serves beer and liquor.
  3. Talented, helpful and friendly artists. There was awesome variety.
  4. Very easy going coordinators who withstood the longest hours to make their fest successful.
  5. The fee was $35 for all three days. Not bad when most one day events are more.
I did an ATC trade with Jordan Rubin of JBird Studios. She made this little deer on the spot for a Pin with Pit Hair.

Marisa of MARS [Inter] stellar love craft gave me two tiny canvases after seeing my matchbook paintings and traded these great shrinky-dink earrings for button rings.

The Con's of Boulderfest:
  1. Parking was sketchy. If you got in early there were a handful of on site spots. Otherwise most of us street parked. Switching times were funny and it wasn't a neighborhood I'd like to walk around alone at night to find my far off parking spot. As it was I got a parking ticket that cut into my profits.
  2. Long hours. We came before the music started stayed until the music stopped. That makes three 10 hours days in a row. I have to say though, that I was never bored.
  3. Low sales for many artists. This was the first run of Boulderfest with artists, so it is possible that people weren't coming with the mindset to buy art. The sales, for myself at least, went up each day though and I did profit fairly well.
  4. My crappy tent and a windy Saturday. Both of these things are totally NOT Boulder's fault. In fact this could be a pro in disguise, because I learned a lot of about outdoor vending practicalities. RNEST has a great thread on this right now.

My booth neighbors: Paul Taylor Glass, Beadwork by Amanda (fellow RNEST teamie) and Seredipity Photos. Thank you Paul and Jason for helping me with my tent!!!


If you love music, a festive vibe and have good stamina, this is a fun show. With more advertisement and word of mouth about the vendors, I think sales will increase as well.


July Sales...

...are really slow. The ball that began rolling this fall has reached a valley. 1 sale in June and zippo in July so far. End of the year grading, camp counseling and fall job hunting has taken precedent over posting. BUT I am ready for a turn around!

  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 2 -10 pm I will be vending with several area Etsians at Boulderfest. Please stop by 100 Alexander at Boulder Coffee for three days of local music and now art, sponsored by Magic Hat Brewing Company. I have been working many new things, not posted to Etsy yet!

  • I am also participating in Christmas in July through Etsy. July 15-July 25 everything in my store will be 15% off . Shipping will be free to New Yorkers as well. That's the whole state, not just those city folks. Our street team will also be hosting a multi-seller giveaway. Stay tuned!


Glitter and Sequins

Last night, after the 4th of July BBQ and beer, my girlfriends and I headed downstairs to watch movies in the basement while the boys played cards upstairs. My friend who runs a pole dance fitness studio and I chose a little flick called A Wink and a Smile on the Netflix queue. It ended up being a great documentary on the burlesque scene in Seattle, WA. My other friend, who let us commandeer her large screen, squirmishly wondered why on Earth we were so fascinated by it. For my pole instructor friend it was obvious, for me though it was all about the flashy aesthetic. I feel that glitter, sequins and feathers are fine art materials of the highest order. The world would simply be a better place if it was bedazzled.

Here is some collected inspiration of mine:

Dolly Parton

The Art of Liza Lou

Muse Shoes by the Krewe of Muses (New Orleans Mardi Gras Parade crew)

Burlesque Costume (the Swedish Housewife featured in photo)

Haitian Drapo or Vodou Flags