Double Happiness

Two pieces of exciting news for the woman behind Buenahelena!
  1. This holiday season I will have several items on consignment at Sunday Love in Brooklyn, New York. I love that this store offers vintage items and refurbished vintage items, PLUS artwork. I also love the idea of being associated with Brooklyn simply because of this bar. If you're in the neighborhood you can stop by and perhaps purchase my matchstick paintings, matchbook notepads, or vintage button tacks.
  2. My newest object d'art, Palin Pumps, was accepted into Boots and Shoes: Variations on a Theme. The exhibition will open Friday, November 5th 2010 at the Shoe Factory Art Co-op in Rochester, New York. Come out and enjoy an entire show dedicated to some of the greatest things on the planet....SHOES, in multiple mediums and dimensions!
Palin Pumps. Mixed media. 2010. Carol Traynor


Halloween Hunt

Ding Dong! Trick or Treat!!!

The Rochester NY Etsy Street Team is hosting a multiple shop scavenger hunt, with the possibility for multiple free prizes! Just search for the candy photos hidden in our participating shops. Check out the rules here, on the team blog.


Congratulations to Samy of wonderful, sunny (jealous) Florida! You get 10 FREE matchbook notepads. I'm excited to send these, since Samy has been a facebook fan and an rnest supporter for awhile even from afar. She runs the wonderful vintage store Princess Samy Vintage.


Tell an Upcycled Tale

As a seller on Etsy I have five photo opportunities for each item I make or sell vintage. I try to get the different vantage points, maybe model an item and get a crisp closeup, but I have a new plan. One of the most enjoyable things about running Buenahelena is seaching for items to upcycle. I love making, but I really, really love hunting. This weekend I went to an estate sale looking for materials and thought, "I wish my buyers could see me rummaging through theses boxes and stuffed guest rooms looking for jackpot." This has become my plan for that fifth photo on Etsy. I am going to take a "Before" image of the item before deconstruction. When the camera is handy I may also capture that moment of "Found it!" Wouldn't it be great to peek at the life your new item had before?

Here's a children's xylophone from the etsate sale, made into a pendant necklace:

Also, a stack of vintage magazines (boy did this lady save things!), made into button magnets:


Buenahelena's Manifesto

I have joined Etsy's Holiday Boot Camp. Step one was to create a mission statement. Why not think bigger? Why not make...a manifesto. I urged my fellow street team members to do it last week and promised my own. Without further ado:

Buenahelena's Manifesto

  • I believe art supply stores are dens of snobbery ! Reuse and remix found objects whenever possible!
  • I believe in the sacred hunt for vintage goods, traveling to far distant flea markets, perusing amongst hipsters at Good Will, and rummaging through dead people's crap at estate sales!
  • I believe it is my duty as a creative being to find new uses for these forgotten treasures.
  • I believe in using every part! Leave no scrap behind in the pursuit of object making!
  • I believe all packaging for sold items on Etsy should be reused, if at all possible,as well! Shiny new bubble mailers for shame!
  • I believe in a small free gift for every customer from my stash of extra random tschotskes from my hunts.
  • And most of all, I believe in the inalienable right to make something that was already pretty awesome before, even awesomer!