New Things To (re)Love In 2011

I tend to obsess. I'll go through long phases of adoringing a particular singer or collecting a certain tschotske until I am a connoisseur of that thing. Over my holiday break I (re)discovered a few things I know I will love in 2011.

Handwritten Notes:

There is nothing more interesting and beautiful than instances of truth. At foundmagazine.com I'll be spending my uninspired down times peeking though other peoples angry notes left on cars, napkin poetry and birthday cards. I also recently got a love letter...and let me tell you, it's a special thing.

From the found archives

Vintage Shops on Etsy:

As the New Year begins and the prospect of summer markets sink in, I am looking for new vintage cocktail napkins, buttons and matchbooks to purchase. I did a little shopping on Etsy recently and found 2 new favorite vintage shops run by the same person. becaruns and. becareads.

An item I purchased from becaruns last week

Getting Enough Sleep:

There is one school that thinks you can sleep when your dead. I'm of the school that believes if you don't sleep you'll feel dead. Arianna Huffington goes to my school.
Arianna Huffington: How to succeed? Get more sleep | Video on TED.com

The Color Pink:

Pink is the ultimate in girly-style. Pink bubblegum. Pink lipstick. Pink nail polish. Pink ponytail holders. I also recently confessed to someone my secret desire to own a pink pick up truck. PANTONE apparently agrees with me as well, since they chose PANTONE 18-2120 Honeysuckle as the it color of 2011.

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