Art Teacher Stereotypes

I saw a lot of film this weekend. The highlight was The Fighter. However I saw yet another film, set in a high school, with every teacher cliche one could imagine. The science teacher was stereotypically represented by a stodgy, older white male. The Phys Ed teacher was overweight and slow. A hilarious oxymoron! For me though, the real deal breaker was the Art teacher.

Enid's Art teacher in Ghost World

I'm an Art teacher. I like a lot of film. Here are just some of the major cliches I find in films portrayals of Art teachers.

1. We're all young, hot women.
2. When we're not young and hot, we're late 1960's throwbacks, with wild hair who wear horrible tunics.
3. We're "the dumb" teachers who don't teach "a real class".
4. Our whole life, soul, and educational goals are to help students "express" their obviously very important "emotions".
5. We cry...
6. ...A lot.

Katherine Watson's Art class in Mona Lisa Smile

I call BS! Just as annoying is Mattel's I-can-be Art teacher Barbie. No art making is happening in that outfit. Unless it's a performance art piece entitled "How To Reeeeaaaallllly Distract Teenage Boys in Class".

Art Teacher Barbie

The list could go on and on. Send me your favorite bad portrayals of Art teachers. Or great ones! I have the urge to make a Top 10....


  1. Well at least one of those is true ;-)

  2. I know...I do wear really ugly tunics...;)

  3. LoL. Absolutely- I've seen the sweaters :-)