Etsy Is Funny. Go Ahead And Laugh!

I don't like getting too serious about my art or any art.

I saw this post on Regretsy recently and thought "Oh crap, I've got one of those in my shop". I could have felt shame. I could have questioned my ability as an artist. But instead, I chose to laugh. As a part time Etsy seller, I know I am making relatively low cost items out of vintage materials. Some are handmade, some are the dreaded "hand assembled" kind (although, in my case it takes a bit more than just gluing) and some are vintage. I get the hint Regretsy. In the future I do hereby swear to not make overpriced button rings, especially with chrysanthemum cabochons ;)

Here are some other instances of just-go-ahead-and-laugh moments via Etsy.

  1. Sad Boyfriends of Etsy featured on Man Made
  2. My treasury on Scherenschnitte, because it's a ridiculous sounding word.
  3. Finally, my tongue in cheek, St. Patty's blessing for the Rochester NY Etsy Street Team.


  1. And laugh I did! Thank you for sharing this post. My favorite link was the "sad boyfriend" one. I laughed out loud for several minutes. The picture of the man in the chef hat and apron is my favorite.

  2. I laughed it up! Thanks, Carol!