Swag Bag Goodies

Countdown to Mayday Underground Crafts + Art starts now! I have approximately 3 weeks to finish a few more pieces until the big day. I hope everyone will come out to this show. It just keeps getting bigger and better!

One perk of going and showing up early is a chance to grab a (FREE) swag bag. I have lovingly donated some vintage matchbook notepads for the occasion. Many more will be made for sale along with new magnetic matchbook bookmarks. (That's a mouthful. I'll have to think about how to name those for Etsy.) I've also added a little marketing strategy by stamping my Etsy address on each item ;)

Be sure to check out my booth (EARLY) along with many other talented artist from Rochester and beyond on April 30th!


  1. Wonder were ya got the idea for those magnetic bookmarks? ;-)

  2. So excited!! See you there, Carol! Love the clever bookmarks!!