One of the greatest substances known to mankind: Yes! paste. This jar of awesome is to collage what wine is to cheese.

I've been making mixed media, collage ATC's (artist trading cards) this week and this stuff makes everything lay flat and smooth. No wrinkling! It's thicker, sort of like Vaseline, but after swishing around the surface, it's easy to fill a whole brush and spread it easily over paper. I also love the enthusiastic punctuation of it's name and logo :)

Suffice it to say, it's good stuff. The only down side is that I had to buy it from an actual "art" store in Rochester. I have boycotted art stores for years. Why? Well, each one discouraged me from working there on my summer/college breaks, because they wanted "serious art majors from RIT "working there. Apparently my school, The Cleveland Institute of Art, was not a serious art school??!! But whatever. I sucked it up for you Yes! paste, cos you're worth it and actually the art store people were reeeeaaallly nice to me this time, so I forgive.

* For those of you wondering how I managed to make art without "art supplies"...the greatest art supply store, in my humble opinion is...wait for it...Home Depot (or Lowes or even better, a local hardware store) I'm also a fan of tacky craft stores, because well...I really like glitter.

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