I'm On Fire

No really, I am. It is really hot outside. If you're from the South you can pfft at me, but 90 degrees and humid in Rochester? In May? That's bad.

Speaking of being on fire, I love matches/matchbooks. I use them for mixed media paintings and to make super portable DIY notepads. So, it was exciting to discover a new online magazine today called Matchbook Magazine. Although I find it mildly pretentious and for a privileged audience, it has great interviews with great women and men designers/artists among other things, plus great photos. It has that fun, retro vibe I am so drawn to in my life and work. Every item has a link to find it elsewhere by scrolling over it which is great too...not that I can afford any of it.

Here's an example of the 10 Things You Didn't Know About... section from Matchbook Mag. Check it out if your burning up like me and need a cool distraction from this heat.

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