The best selling items at my last art market were bookmarks made from vintage matchbooks. Naming this product however has been a tongue twister. Should it be Matchbook Bookmarks, Book Matches? Matchbook-marks seemed to work the best. Here's how I make them, so you can try it for yourself! (Although with your busy, busy schedule, I still recommend purchasing them from me...hint-hint.)

You will need: Matchbooks, Clear heavy duty packing tape, Popsicle stick, Scissors, Adhesive backed magnet strips.

1. Carefully remove matches from the matchbook and lay it flat on the table.

2. Cut off a piece of packing tape and lay it over the flattened matchbook.

3. Flip it over and lay another piece of tape on the other side.

4. Use the Popsicle stick to press the tape onto the matchbook and remove any air bubbles.

5. Cut off the excess packing tape leaving a 1cm margin around the matchbook.

6. Fold the top/front of the matchbook.

7. Add two magnets: 1 on the inside back and 1 behind the front flap.

Now clip it over the page you're ready to read in your favorite book and keep your place with some vintage style!

**Thank you Miso for helping me with this tutorial ;) **

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