Rochester Love

I don't think I can tell you enough, how much I love my street team. At our last meeting I was literally showered with supplies. Matchbooks, bottle caps, beer coasters, felt! Being a part of the Rochester Etsy Street Team has brought so much value (and fun) into my creative life. I am grateful to you all ;) Our next meeting will be a supply swap, so I hope to pay it forward.

On another note I did make a small flea market find. These vintage Genesee Brewery bottle caps, along with a couple others. When I lived out of state I loved the bars that offered Genny's from Rochester. Granted it's not my all time favorite beer, but it's a taste of home and makes me think of my grandpa.

This is a short one I know. Off to make things!

1 comment:

  1. I like the bottlecap with the black horse on it!
    I have a wonderful old Genesee 12 Horse Ale wooden crate that I rescued from someone's trash last year.