Review: StopStart

I have a favorite shirt that says "Art as Activism". One day, while shopping at Wegmans of all places, I saw it hanging in the Organic Gifts section. Although I am not one to buy my clothes at supermarkets, the message on this particular shirt was too important to pass up. Art at its best should expose, enlighten and force us to evolve.

This past week I bought a really great item in support of a really great cause called StopStart. StopStart is a fair trade organization, dedicated to ending human trafficking and re-starting the lives of trafficking victims in Cambodia. Proceeds go to the individuals who made the items to get them back on their feet.

The item I purchased is a messenger bag made from a used rice sack. I was drawn to the fish design (pisces cliche, I know). I also appreciate the repurposing of the the rice sack, from its mundane use to a fashionable design material. It is well made, strong and has an adjustable strap and interior pocket. There were a variety of styles and sizes to choose from and none are exactly alike. It was also really affordable at $17.00!

I have received so many compliments on this bag. Each time it opens up a conversation to talk about StopStart and human trafficking. Pure craftivism! Next time you go shopping, think about purchasing something that you know will help people and our world in some way.

*For more info on Human Trafficking check out this soon to be released film Not My Life . Also check out the Not For Sale website.

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