How To: Make Ink Blot T-Shirts

I'm back from camp and here to share one of our projects. This year for crafts I wanted to take a new spin on the tried and true tie-dye craft project. I found a really cool tutorial on Instructables, based on Rorschach ink blot tests. These are super easy and give you pretty stunning results.

You will need:
  • A pre washed cotton t-shirt
  • Fabric paint (I used speedball silkscreen ink, found at most craft stores)
  • Craft/Popsicle Sticks
  • A large piece of cardboard
  • Flat thumbtacks
  • Ruler (preferably a yard or longer)
  • X-acto or utility knife
  • Iron

Step 1: Score a line down the middle of the back of your cardboard, using a ruler and x-acto knife. Don't go all the way through. Just enough so the cardboard can fold in half.

Step 2: Push the cardboard inside the shirt. Center it by lining up the crease in the card board with the care tag. Smooth the shirt out against the board, but be careful not to stretch it. Place 8 tacks to secure the top and bottom of the crease as well is the sides of the shirt.

Step 3: Add random paint splatters on one side. I used three colors, you can use as many or as few as you like. I also like to drizzle the paint on with small craft sticks. Be careful not to go too thin (design won't transfer) or too thick (design will crack).

Step 4: Fold the cardboard from the blank side of the shirt over your wet paint design.

Step 5: Open it up and you have a great ink blot design! Remove cardboard and tacks. Heat set with an iron, following the settings suggested for the particular fabric paint you are using.

Here is an example of one I made for myself. Enjoy as others interpret the psychological implicatons of your t-shirt design :)

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