Beauty from Brooklyn, Just For Me!

Last week I won a giveaway on Chic & Green for three Prem Soaps freebies. C&G is a great, green lifestyle blog out of Rochester, NY that features reviews, ideas and giveaways of green, handmade items. C&G has also been a sponsor of my favorite indie art market, Mayday Underground. PS is an all organic and vegan bath & beauty company, based in Brooklyn, NY. Each item, down to it's packaging, is made with care for the customer and compassion for the environment as the name Prem (Sanskrit for "love") suggests.

I received one jar of Lavender Grapefruit salt scrub, one Peppermint, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus bar soap and one Vanilla Cinnamon with Cinnamon Bark bar soap. So far I am loving them all!

First I tried the PT&E soap. It felt very creamy while it lathered up and smelled fresh, but subtle. My hands stayed soft all morning without any lotion. Also, I kind of enjoy having handmade soap on my bathroom sink in a little vintage saucer.

Next I tried out the VC w/CB soap in the shower. It has a rougher texture from the cinnamon bark, but still had the creamy lather. The best way I can describe VC w/CB is that it smells like a really sexy guy. I totally recommend grabbing some of these for the man in your life this Christmas.

Finally, my favorite product to use was the G&L salt scrub. I always see scrubs, but rarely buy them, because...well I'm poor. So this was a real treat. I used it as part of a little homemade pedicure. The scrub had a good roughness, but there was enough essential oil to keep my skin from being rubbed raw and remain moisturized afterward. As the day goes on the grapefruit scent lingers on nicely. My feet thank you Prem Soaps!

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