It's back to school season. Do you know where your Lisa Frank is?

Raise your hand if Lisa Frank made (and still makes) all of your fall-school-shopping dreams comes true! I get to go back to school each year as a teacher now, but when I see those folders full of rainbow mcawesome, I wish I was still a student.

Who is the real Lisa Frank though? Have you ever wondered? I know I do. The folks from Upright Citizens Brigade Theater took a wild stab at it recently in a documentary spoof. Watch it now. The best line from the video happens when Lisa decides not to make a deal with Trapper Keeper, and declares " No one's trappin' me and no one's keepin' me!" Classic!


  1. Ok-At the risk of dating myself-what the heck is Lisa Frank? We just had Trapper-keepers(Or was it a girl thing?)

  2. Lisa Frank is a woman and a brand. She is popular for creating a hugely successful line of school supplies, especially folders, but also erasers, pencils etc... You're right, their definitely geared towards girls.