Finished...for the Root of Art and Craft

I posted about my newest piece, Sacred Heart, in progress recently. Well, I finally finished and exhibited it at The Root of Art and Craft this past Saturday. One or two labor intensive works a year are all I can handle while teaching, but molding minds is pretty excellent. I can't complain. This piece feels like a good fit for a show mean to reconcile the gray area between art and craft.

When I helped set it up the night before, I saw this painting of Mother Teresa going up and thought my piece would go nicely with the religious imagery in a kitschy and strange way. I don't know how the painter felt, but I was pretty stoked by the combination.

Here is the artist statement that goes with the piece, including the text embroidered on the cloth the antlers are set on:

" During my BFA thesis research at the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2006 I began working with deer imagery as a way to explore the effect of suburban sprawl on the herd population in my hometown. That work led to an investigation of hunting and hunters as a solution to culling unhealthy herds. By talking to hunters, studying literature on hunting and getting my hunting license in Ohio, my eyes were opened to an ageless activity imbued with ritual and reverence for nature. This most recent piece calls that spiritual power to mind by mixing evidence of hunting with the decorative elements of a religious object.

Hunting has become my personal metaphor for creative inspiration and art making. The quote embroidered on this piece speaks to that belief: ' The emotions that good hunters need to cultivate are love and service....The sentiments of the hunt then become translated into art.' -James Swan, In Defense of Hunting

Carol Traynor, October 2011"


  1. That's a great piece. And good synergy with the painting. Though now I can't get the image of Mother Teresa walking through the forest with a rifle out of my head. ;-)

  2. I can't tell you how much I love this.