White Trash Party Prizes

So is it a good thing or a bad thing, when someone personally wants you to make an item that is over the top tacky? I say it's awesome sauce! Recently an Etsy teammate sought me out to create prizes for a white trash party. I decided to pull from my beer coaster ornament idea to make his and hers, beer coaster (Olympic) White Trash medals.

Try it at home! All you need is beer coasters (hopefully Bud, Pabst, Miller...or the like), glitter, mardi gras beads, gold cord and bits of trashy crap. I used a hunk of white, blond hair from a Lady Gaga wig tied with a gingham bow and real pork rinds, sealed in layers of mod podge. If that ain't trashy I don't know what is.

Here is a picture of the fabulous winners, very deserved. I hope they hang their medals in a place of honor to cherish, with pride, in the years to come.


Little Shows, A lot Of Fun

This February I participated in two shows: Beyond the Refrigerator Door and Hearts and Crafts Indie Market. Both challenged me to house a bodies of work in a small space. Both bolstered my artistic spirit. And both happened in the same weekend. Enjoy the photos of both events by Jason R. Ackerman of Serendipity Photos.

My fabulous Middle School Art Teacher, Mary Housel-Demanchek, and Rochester Weavers Guild friend Jan Towsley


Happy V-day

This day can be lonely and lame for many girls and women. Think about love in a different way. Don't worry if you're single. You're an emotional creature! Love yourself! Happy "other" V-day:


For the Love of Love

People love hearts. People love red, pink and white. People love, love. Recently I have been posting lots of vintage Valentine's Day goodies in my Etsy shop. Only one sale so far, but a handful of treasuries have been made. Here are a couple favorites, along with the Valentine items still available in shop: