Art Teacher Stereotypes

I saw a lot of film this weekend. The highlight was The Fighter. However I saw yet another film, set in a high school, with every teacher cliche one could imagine. The science teacher was stereotypically represented by a stodgy, older white male. The Phys Ed teacher was overweight and slow. A hilarious oxymoron! For me though, the real deal breaker was the Art teacher.

Enid's Art teacher in Ghost World

I'm an Art teacher. I like a lot of film. Here are just some of the major cliches I find in films portrayals of Art teachers.

1. We're all young, hot women.
2. When we're not young and hot, we're late 1960's throwbacks, with wild hair who wear horrible tunics.
3. We're "the dumb" teachers who don't teach "a real class".
4. Our whole life, soul, and educational goals are to help students "express" their obviously very important "emotions".
5. We cry...
6. ...A lot.

Katherine Watson's Art class in Mona Lisa Smile

I call BS! Just as annoying is Mattel's I-can-be Art teacher Barbie. No art making is happening in that outfit. Unless it's a performance art piece entitled "How To Reeeeaaaallllly Distract Teenage Boys in Class".

Art Teacher Barbie

The list could go on and on. Send me your favorite bad portrayals of Art teachers. Or great ones! I have the urge to make a Top 10....


Etsy Is Funny. Go Ahead And Laugh!

I don't like getting too serious about my art or any art.

I saw this post on Regretsy recently and thought "Oh crap, I've got one of those in my shop". I could have felt shame. I could have questioned my ability as an artist. But instead, I chose to laugh. As a part time Etsy seller, I know I am making relatively low cost items out of vintage materials. Some are handmade, some are the dreaded "hand assembled" kind (although, in my case it takes a bit more than just gluing) and some are vintage. I get the hint Regretsy. In the future I do hereby swear to not make overpriced button rings, especially with chrysanthemum cabochons ;)

Here are some other instances of just-go-ahead-and-laugh moments via Etsy.

  1. Sad Boyfriends of Etsy featured on Man Made
  2. My treasury on Scherenschnitte, because it's a ridiculous sounding word.
  3. Finally, my tongue in cheek, St. Patty's blessing for the Rochester NY Etsy Street Team.


Turn Digital Images Into Polaroids

I just discovered a wildly habit forming tool that you can use for your Etsy shop, blogs or just plain fun. It's called Poladroid. What Poladroid does is take you digital images and crops them into square compositions, digitally ages and colorizes them for a retro feel and frames them with the classic white Polaroid background.

This program can be downloaded for FREE, because it is still in its beta version. (Although you can offer donations for this truly fun product.) It took me a grand total of 20 minutes to download, install and try out my first photo.

After downloading and installing Poladroid, you can click on the desktop icon to open it. I expected this to pull up a full program with drop down menus and tool bars, but it is so much cooler and so much more simple. A small Polaroid camera will appear on your desktop. All you have to do is drag and drop your digital image over it. Within moments the camera will spit out an undeveloped Polaroid, sound effects and all. You can watch it develop slowly like a real Polaroid picture or (and this is my favorite part) you can click and hold the photo to shake it back and forth for faster development. AHHHHH, I love it!!!

My "Poladroids" automatically saved into My Pictures once they developed. After that you can move them wherever you want. Use one for your Etsy items, especially if you have a retro style or vintage shop. (Note: I say only one because they will not show off the true color of your item.) Use them on your blog, facebook or webpage. As the manual warns it's "addictive". As your tester I concur with that statement, so excuse me while I get back to making Poladroids....

*Addendum: You can also have them printed like other digital photos, however the white background will be the white background of the photo paper. It is up to you to cut it down to Polaroid size.