I'm On Fire

No really, I am. It is really hot outside. If you're from the South you can pfft at me, but 90 degrees and humid in Rochester? In May? That's bad.

Speaking of being on fire, I love matches/matchbooks. I use them for mixed media paintings and to make super portable DIY notepads. So, it was exciting to discover a new online magazine today called Matchbook Magazine. Although I find it mildly pretentious and for a privileged audience, it has great interviews with great women and men designers/artists among other things, plus great photos. It has that fun, retro vibe I am so drawn to in my life and work. Every item has a link to find it elsewhere by scrolling over it which is great too...not that I can afford any of it.

Here's an example of the 10 Things You Didn't Know About... section from Matchbook Mag. Check it out if your burning up like me and need a cool distraction from this heat.


Rochester Love

I don't think I can tell you enough, how much I love my street team. At our last meeting I was literally showered with supplies. Matchbooks, bottle caps, beer coasters, felt! Being a part of the Rochester Etsy Street Team has brought so much value (and fun) into my creative life. I am grateful to you all ;) Our next meeting will be a supply swap, so I hope to pay it forward.

On another note I did make a small flea market find. These vintage Genesee Brewery bottle caps, along with a couple others. When I lived out of state I loved the bars that offered Genny's from Rochester. Granted it's not my all time favorite beer, but it's a taste of home and makes me think of my grandpa.

This is a short one I know. Off to make things!


Gardens Growing

Everything is getting green and blossomy outside (in spite of the rain). It's the perfect time to submit a new matchstick painting to this garden themed art exhibition:

This canvas is larger and more populated than my other compositions and the first one to include clusters of tiny buds. I want to make more! That calls for a lot more matches and spools! I'm thinking...Avon flea market trip? It just reopened for the season.

Make it a point to get out and plant (make) something soon!



The best selling items at my last art market were bookmarks made from vintage matchbooks. Naming this product however has been a tongue twister. Should it be Matchbook Bookmarks, Book Matches? Matchbook-marks seemed to work the best. Here's how I make them, so you can try it for yourself! (Although with your busy, busy schedule, I still recommend purchasing them from me...hint-hint.)

You will need: Matchbooks, Clear heavy duty packing tape, Popsicle stick, Scissors, Adhesive backed magnet strips.

1. Carefully remove matches from the matchbook and lay it flat on the table.

2. Cut off a piece of packing tape and lay it over the flattened matchbook.

3. Flip it over and lay another piece of tape on the other side.

4. Use the Popsicle stick to press the tape onto the matchbook and remove any air bubbles.

5. Cut off the excess packing tape leaving a 1cm margin around the matchbook.

6. Fold the top/front of the matchbook.

7. Add two magnets: 1 on the inside back and 1 behind the front flap.

Now clip it over the page you're ready to read in your favorite book and keep your place with some vintage style!

**Thank you Miso for helping me with this tutorial ;) **


2nd Annual Mayday! Underground

This Saturday I was a vendor for the third time, at the 2nd annual Mayday! Underground Crafts + Art Market. (Those of you, even moderately good at math are wondering about the validity of that statement, but trust me...it's true). Each edition of the show has gotten bigger venues and more vendors. This one, at the Main Street Armory, was more than I could manage to explore while selling. I was overwhelmed with the creative awesomeness of over 90 vendors.

Check this out. I can't fit it all in.

At this show I felt like I finally attained my vision for my display. Thanks goes to my friend Serendipity Photos for sharing the great wooden shelf for my matchstick paintings.

One thing I love about this show is that a strong community between sellers and shoppers is developing. I love seeing repeat buyers from other shows and the friendly faces of artists I only get to visit with at these events or Etsy street team meetings. Another success!