New Year, New Place, New Items

Buenahelena is moving to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Land of steel. Land of peeps. And the Christmas city. My shop will be closed through February 2012, while the studio and tax license switch states. With such big changes, resolutions are an order...

  1. More vintage nostalgia. Bethlehem was founded before we became a country. There must be great finds to be found and shared here.
  2. Brighter, bolder colors. For spool & match paintings and MORE. Think the B-52's playing at Frida Kahlo's house.
  3. Avoid cliches. No bunting. No mustaches on sticks. No items modeled on people wearing big old glasses without lenses, because they don't actually need them. Not here. Not ever.
  4. More weirdness. Mystery bags will be an item in the shop. What's in them? I'm not telling. A zine (hopefully). And a weekly post of my ex boyfriends' love letters from junior high on the blog.
  5. Take chances as much as possible. I have a chance to fall in love with my fiance again after years and distance apart. I have a chance to explore a new city. I have a chance to start fresh and do better. What will you do?

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