How To: Create A Crafty Collage Like Kelly Zarb

Detail: Surprise Julia
For my birthday last week, my soon-to-be-mom-in-law got me this sweet little zine, called Crafty Collage Zine, by Kelly Zarb. I had it on my favorites list for a long time, so I was really excited to get it all the way from Australia.

Crafty Collage Zine by Kelly Zarb

The Zine comes with several collage related craft ideas, illustrated by Kelly, plus a tiny package of collage elements, from patterned tapes, to die cut papers, to stamps. In my collection of zines I especially love that this one has hand cut, color photos taped in with each craft tutorial.

Collage Card project + a goodie bag collage freebies

I tried out the second project in the zine, Collage Cards, today. This is a card for my dear friend Julia who teaches all the way out in Arizona and still writes me snail mail, that I love to receive. Using some elements from the zine kit and a couple of my own, here's how it turned out.

Surprise Julia!

Thanks Kelly (and Mom-to-be) for a fun afternoon. Check out Kelly's shop and blog to see more of her zines, art, and ideas.

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  1. Your card is fabulous, I'm sure your friend will love it. I'm so glad you enjoyed the zine too.