Morning After: Drink and Draw 2/21/12

One of the coolest happenings I've found in Bethlehem, PA so far is the monthly Drink And Draw at the Bethlehem Brew Works. For a small fee, artists anyone over 21 can show up at the basement level of the brewery/restaurant and draw from live models from 7-11 pm. Did I mention there's live music AND more importantly beer too?

Getting up courage...with my little sketch of an Easter Peep.

Tonight, for Mardi Gras, the Drink and Draw event featured burlesque performers as models.  I hadn't done figure studies since my first couple years at art school (8 years ago! What!?) so bear with these sketches, haha. We did 5 minute and 10 minute poses of these wonderful women in feathered head dresses, fishnets, and false eyelashes. With a little practice (and a little beer) it all came back.

5 minute pose

5 minute pose

10 minute pose

10 minute portrait

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