Mosaic Inspiration

With this small window of time between work,  I should fill it with learning. My goal is to read, watch great documentaries, go to museums, learn more techniques, and make things. So I signed up for a Mosaic class for the next 6 weeks at the Banana Factory with mosaic artist Kim Hogan.

Why Mosaics? The first thing I loved about the B-factory when I saw it were the mosaics decorating the outside. Secondly, I've never worked with glass. Thirdly, I have always been drawn to shiny, glittery work, full of tiny parts and random surprises. I plan on using a mixture of glass and found objects and will post my work in process over the next 6 weeks.

Here's a small photo journal of inspiration that I took in Philadelphia at Philly's Magic Gardens on Thursday. Also included is a photo of "The Go-Go's" by artist Jason Mecier from his amazing website.

The Go-Go's by Jason Mecier from www.jasonmecier.com

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