NAEA 2012 Convention In NYC

Having just moved to PA, and being unemployed for my first month, I had to find a way to stay in the Art education game. When I found out the National Art Education Association Conference was in New York City this past weekend, a little over an hour and a half away from me it sealed the deal for me to go. My fiance even got to go along, in exchange for working the Crayola vendor booths at the event (He's a toy designer there). I hooked him up with great lectures and he hooked me up with swag.

I attended lectures from using play to engage learners of all ages to incorporating tattoos into a high school art curriculum, but the talk that paid for the whole event, by far, was between artist-icon Chuck Close and critic Irving Sandler. I waited an hour in line, thanked my stars I got in, and took manic notes while he spoke. Here are a few of my favorite gems (some paraphrased):

    1. [The most important part of our education was that] We didn't know we were artists. We were very serious about being students.
    2. Nothing you learn at grad school is useful. The work habits you learn and being part of a community, something bigger than yourself, is useful.
    3. If all agree on the problem, all will come up with similar solutions. The trick is to see the problem differently or create your own problem.
    4. The choice not to do something, is a positive decision. 
    5.  And he said to write this down verbatim: "Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work." Everything [creative] comes out of work itself.
    Chuck Close (photo credit goes to this exceptional art teacher)
    NAEA Swag
    BAD street meat

    I also took my first trip to the MOMA. It was like all the Art History: Modern through Contemporary slides come to life. Picasso's Demoiselles d'Avignon.Van Gogh's Starry Night. De Kooning's Woman I . Jackson Pollock's Number 31. Andy Warhol's Gold Marilyn. Two self portraits by my favorite lady, Frida Kahlo! Plus newer powerhouses like Takashi Murakami.

    Love (backwards)

    Being immersed in a world where hundreds, maybe thousands, think what you're doing (ART ED!) is important is the ultimate recharge. On this (hopefully brief) break from my career, I'm just going to ride the wave for a little while.

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