A Review Of Indiemade

Last weekend was my first show in Pennsylvania. The Indiemade Craft Market was a fun show, full of good people, good live music, and good handmade items. I did a few new things during this show that I think really helped my sales.

With the help of my fiance I built color coordinated peg board displays to better show of my Match & Spool paintings.  Shoppers were able to see each individual piece easily and also in combination with other paintings. The paintings hung in a sturdier fashion, than the old boot rack I used to use. I also used coordinated/repeated colors which unified my table.

Because much of my work is made from vintage items I tried to vintage items to display them as well. The old suitcase has been done, I know, but worked well to display and carry my cocktail napkin coasters in and out of the show. Metal film reels also work as easy and attractive displays for magnets.

I also experimented with  raising the prices on all my paintings to truly reflect materials and time. I am telling you artists, don't undersell! People still bought my paintings, no questions asked. I sold slightly less paintings than usual, but made more money overall on painting sales than usual as well.

I showed off my matchbook bookmarks, by clipping them over the pages of a vintage book and creating a sort of roladex of designs. It was easier for shoppers to look at the designs, by just picking up the book and flipping through it. However, I had to do a lot of readjusting after each person was done, so maybe it's not the best display method yet.

On my to do list: Make a bigger, bolder banner and create longer table coverings. Overall it was a successful first show and I can't wait for more Indiemade's to come!

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